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About Buzzin'

Like many college students, Lukas began drinking energy drinks to stay focused and get through the day. One day, he stumbled across a cup of coffee made with fresh, high-quality beans. The “coffee buzz” he experienced was much better than energy drinks. More than just a caffeine jolt, he experienced lasting focus, drive, and mental acuity he’d never had with other drinks. And it tasted great. Along with becoming a coffee drinker, Lukas became passionate about sourcing the best and freshest coffee. He then decided he’d like to share his experience with others. He started a business to fulfill his passion and invited Austin to join the adventure.


Buzzin’ Coffee is a recently launched online store delivering high-quality (top 3%) coffee beans in small batch orders. This model ensures every customer receives high-quality coffee within 10-15 days after it’s roasted, ensuring peak flavor and coffee drinking experience. We offer many delicious flavors in whole bean, ground, and Keurig options. Additionally, we provide a variety of coffee-related services such as catering, fundraising, and wholesale supply.


Lukas and Austin are both Winona State University (WSU) College of Business graduates and operate Buzzin' Coffee out of Winona, MN. In the near future, we plan to open a coffee shop in Winona.


Please reach out to our team if you have any questions!


Team Buzzin'

Lukas Bentzler

Austin Repinski

Lukas Bentzler

Founder, Co-Owner, & CEO

Austin Repinski

Co-Owner & VP of Marketing